Efficiently Manage Your Upcoming Appointments with Ease

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You've successfully added your professionals, defined your services, and meticulously set up your business profile. Now, just a few hours after sharing your [booking portal] link, appointments are flowing in like clockwork. This is fantastic news!

Now comes the essential part: efficiently managing all these upcoming appointments to ensure they're completed promptly. If you're the business owner or manager, you possess the authority to oversee everyone's appointments and maintain control over them. You can seamlessly handle tasks such as accepting, rejecting, and checking out appointments on behalf of your professionals, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

If you're a professional, you'll be able to see only your appointments.

1. Sign in or Create an account and choose the business whose appointments you wish to view

2. View upcoming appointments: Simply head to the upcoming appointment page and view every upcoming appointments for the selected professional

Clicking on an appointment will show all of its details.

3. Manage appointment: You can manage the appointment by:

- accepting it: the client will be notified that the appointment has been accepted

- rejecting it: the client will be notified that the appointment won't happen due to an unavailability. Please note that rejecting an appointment doesn't free up the time slot that was booked. It is assumed that the appointment was rejected because of unavailability at that time, therefore no future appointments can be booked for that specific time slot.

After accepting an appointment, you can either checkout or mark it as a no-show

- checking out means the appointment is completed successfully. You can only checkout at the expected time of completion of the appointment. For example, if a service takes one hour and is booked for 10:00 AM, you can only checkout from 11:00 AM. 

- Mark the appointment as a no-show: in the event a client doesn't show up, you can mark the appointment as a no-show. Please note that an appointment can be marked as a now show only after the allowed lateness period set has passed. For example, if you allow up to 30 minutes of lateness, you can only mark the appointment at 10:30 AM, if we consider the same appointment mentioned above. Follow this guide to find out how to set up your allowed lateness

If you're not already part of the Wavier community, why not sign up now? Join thousands of businesses benefiting from streamlined appointment management. Start your journey with Wavier today!

Best of luck with your business growth journey! Remember, we're here to support you every step of the way.

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